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PerforMax Global’s high speed rubber doors have a groundbreaking springless design with only 5 moving parts intended for your industry. Our high performance rubber doors accommodate location, weather conditions, and facility usage. See below to learn more about the door that is right for your industry.


The PerforMax MaxSpeed™ combines industrial strength with high speed giving you an unbeatable high performance door in high traffic and impact prone openings. With a direct drive motor, springless design and heavy duty curtain this door is purpose-built for continuous operation.


For those looking to combine industrial strength with high performance, the PerforMax™ MaxPower™ is the door for the opening. With a direct drive motor and heavy duty curtain this door is designed to take impacts and the abuse of harsh environments.


The MaxPro is able to fit into a standard rolling steel door space requirement and is calculated for accidental impact. The flexible curtain releases from the guides and is easily re-set virtually eliminating downtime.


A revolutionary change to the loading dock! The MaxDock™ is truly a low maintenance, economical, impactable loading dock door. With no plungers, rollers, cables, exposed torsion springs it is virtually maintenance free.


The MaxSeal™ High Speed Door is ideal for interior or exterior applications in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers. With opening speeds up to 60″ per second, the MaxSeal™ door increases productivity while reducing energy loss.


The MaxZip high speed vinyl door is ideal for interior and exterior applications which includes manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, distribution centers and warehouses.


Heavy duty lifting belts and a self-supporting structure make the Maxfold™ versatile for all applications. The vinyl curtain is fitted with aluminum or galvanized tubes. These tubes are able to ensure that the door withstands winds of 105 mph, enabling it to function properly in even your large openings up to 200′ x 150′.

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PerforMax Global brings new innovative technology to commercial and industrial door applications to provide businesses with increased productivity, reduced energy consumption, and improved safety. With our global reach, we provide the best products and customer support anywhere in the world!

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