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Our versatile high-performance doors are ready to work in any environment. PerforMax Global has doors to suit every business need. From interior doors cutting down on energy costs, to impactable exterior rubber doors, Performax Global can serve you. Applications for our doors range from exterior to interior use, withstanding the harshest climates and fit for the largest door openings. Find the right commercial door for you by browsing our gallery or contact us with questions about how PerforMax Global can serve your business needs.

A high-traffic loading dock featuring MaxDock™ doors used to make logistics run as smoothly as possible.

A series of MaxDock™ durable rubber dock doors used to make the most productive docks at a food production facility.

Grey MaxDock™ doors on the inside of an automotive assembly plant, helping to provide a safe and efficient loading area for employees.

A large automotive facility using MaxDock™ impactable doors at their shipping and receiving docks to ensure an impact does not cause downtime.

This bus garage features attractive black MaxSpeed™ doors, and is trusted by similar facilities across the world.

Energy plants thrive when they add MaxSpeed™ doors to their openings to allow traffic to flow in and out quickly and save the energy they produce for their highly valued customers.

MaxSpeed™ is tough – it can get dirty in fueling stations like the one in this bus garage without sacrificing performance like a steel door would. Plus, it can be sprayed down for easy cleaning.

Black rubber MaxDock™ doors used as a durable long term solution for loading docks at a historic transportation hub.

MaxPro™ is a durable door that can be used for a wide variety of industrial applications. Our direct drive motor lasts one million cycles, making it the most reliable door motor for rubber doors.

MaxPower™ heavy duty impactable rubber doors are perfect for heavy industry applications like the one shown here.

The MaxDock™ direct drive springless operation used at this automotive facility allows shipping and receiving in the warehouse to function seamlessly.

Twin black MaxDock™ doors shown at the shipping wing of a popular food distribution center.

MaxSeal™, shown above in food and beverage facility, is the perfect high speed vinyl door for interior applications. Its tight seal helps maintain temperatures and the vision window allows for visibility.

Row of MaxDock™ doors in black at an automotive production plant, chosen as a replacement for rolling steel doors due to their springless operation.

Blue MaxSpeed™ high speed springless operation doors are ideal for waste management applications like this one due to the ability to open at up to 48″ per second.

This bus facility benefited from our impactable MaxSpeed™ because of its breakaway bottom bar that decreases both maintenance costs and downtime.

MaxSpeed™’s direct drive springless operation makes it safer than traditional alternatives – ideal for high traffic transportation hubs like this one.

MaxSpeed™ is an ideal door for parking facilities where there is a high amount of traffic going in an out on a daily basis.

The photo above are interior twin black MaxSpeed™ rubber doors for a fast paced parking garage with high traffic. The quick acting functionality allows for smoother traffic flow.

This parking garage facility requires a high speed door to prevent traffic build up. Our MaxSpeed™ high performance rubber door provides an opening speed of up to 48″ per second making it ideal for this application.

This city’s energy facilities benefit from the speed and efficiency of PerforMax Global’s MaxSpeed™ high performance rubber doors by keeping the heat in and the cold air out during winter months.

This large MaxSpeed™ is used in a transportation facility with high traffic and larger vehicles. The impactable design and springless engineering provides a safe and efficient environment.

MaxSpeed™ works well in transportation garages where there are constantly vehicles entering and leaving. Due to the high speed operation, you can save money where air is usually escaping from a slower moving door.

MaxSpeed™ is a great solution for heavy manufacturing facilities that have large vehicles coming in and out on an hourly basis.

The MaxSeal™ quietly works in harmony with its surroundings inside greenhouses and other food production facilities. Its high speed is perfect for high traffic areas.

MaxSpeed™ can be customized for extra large openings as shown in this precast concrete plant without sacrificing its durability.

MaxSpeed™ works perfectly at heavy manufacturing warehouses due to their ability to open quickly even in large openings.

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