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PerforMax Global™ has created the MaxDock™, a revolutionary advancement to the loading dock. Without plungers, rollers, cables, and exposed torsion springs, the MaxDock™ rubber door is engineered to be your low maintenance door. . For facilities requiring a low-maintenance, economical, and impactable loading dock door, the MaxDock™ is your solution.


PerforMax Global™ created the MaxPower rubber door for demanding environments requiring a rugged and impactable product. Combining a direct-drive motor and a heavy-duty curtain, the MaxPower™ is well-prepared to take the wear-and-tear that comes with harsh environments. If you value durability and strength, then the relentless MaxPower™ commercial door is just what your opening requires.


Perfect for lower cycle applications still requiring exceptional quality and dependable safety features. our MaxPro™ door is a rolling steel replacement with low profile guides. Able to fit into a standard rolling steel door space requirement, the MaxPro™ is sturdy and designed to withstand accidental impact from heavy machinery. With a forgiving, yet strong curtain that can be released from the guides and easily reset, the MaxPro™ will help eliminate downtime while maintaining durability and maximizing safety.


With its optimal combination of swift motion and durability, the PerforMax™ MaxSpeed™ will exceed your expectations.  This door is essential for high-traffic and impact-prone openings, with a direct-drive motor, springless design, and heavy-duty curtain. The MaxSpeed™ is perfect for industries that require both efficiency and rugged durability.


For extra-large openings and proven durability, our MaxFold™ vinyl door is up to the challenge. When it comes to versatility and dependability, you can rely on the MaxFold™ to serve your operations well in a variety of different environments. Its vinyl curtain employs aluminum or galvanized tubes, allowing the MaxFold™ to endure high winds, even as a large exterior door.


Engineered to increase productivity and reduce energy loss, our MaxSeal™ vinyl door is perfect for both interior and exterior environments.  The MaxSeal has a fast door activation and tight seal. The MaxSeal™ helps to increase productivity and safety in your warehouse, manufacturing facility, or distribution center with its full-width vision panels and fast opening speeds.


For interior spaces requiring top efficiency, the MaxZip™ may be the perfect fit for you. This high-speed vinyl door features a solid structure with aluminum, powder-coated guides and hood and motor cover paired with a low profile frame for  tighter clearances.

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Leading Manufacturer of Commercial and Industrial Doors

PerforMax Global is a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial high performance doors. From our industrial rubber doors to our high-speed vinyl doors, we cover openings across all industries. Built on a foundation of expertise, superior design and competitive products, PerforMax Global strives to deliver doors engineered to perfection and built with high quality standards in mind. Customer satisfaction is always our first priority.



Heavy Manufacturing

Heavy Manufacturing

December 21, 2016

The goals of the Heavy Manufacturing industry is to maintain a quality product or service and create a safe work environment in the most cost effective manner. There are obstacles

Parking Garage Doors, Reinventing the Solution

Parking Garage Doors, Reinventing the Solution

November 2, 2016

Parking Garages are highly popular throughout major cities which lends to the importance of an effective functionality. It’s vital for parking garages to keep


RhinoMax Rubber Doors impactable design ideal for Mass Transit Authorities nationwide

RhinoMax Rubber Doors impactable design ideal for Mass Transit Authorities nationwide

August 1, 2017

Our high speed doors are successful in Airport, Bus & Rail facilities while WOWING our customers with our limited lifetime warranty on the rubber curtain

Employee Spotlight: Sean Cunningham

Employee Spotlight: Sean Cunningham

June 27, 2017

Sean, born and raised in Atlanta, is PerforMax Global’s Southeast Regional Sales Manager.

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PerforMax Global brings new innovative technology to commercial and industrial door applications to provide businesses with increased productivity, reduced energy consumption, and improved safety. With our global reach, we provide the best products and customer support anywhere in the world!

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