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High Performance Vinyl Doors

Your Solution for Improved Traffic Flow

The MaxSeal™ high-speed door is ideal for interior or exterior applications in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers. With opening speeds of up to 48” per second, the MaxSeal™ vinyl door increases productivity while reducing energy loss. In the event of accidental impact, the door is easily reinserted into its guides, keeping downtime to a minimum. Watch our video of the innovative MaxSeal™ in action!

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Strong Guides

Aluminum guides for interior or exterior mounting.

Breakaway System

Breakaway bottom bar system.

Quick and Quiet

No interruptions to workflow.

Achieving Optimization through Innovation

At PerforMax Global™, we developed the MaxSeal™ high speed vinyl door to create a more time-efficient and energy-saving fixture for your business. Through our innovative technologies and fast opening speed capabilities, the MaxSeal™ is sure to help you maximize your application’s capabilities. Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you’d like to learn more or request a quote.

Benefits of MaxSeal™

Climate control capabilities

  • Withstands negative and positive pressure
  • Full-width vision panel greatly increases traffic safety and avoids collisions
  • Increases productivity and traffic flow due to quick-acting functionality

PerforMax™ MaxSeal™ commercial vinyl door PerforMax™ MaxSeal™ commercial vinyl door PerforMax™ MaxSeal™ commercial vinyl door PerforMax™ MaxSeal™ commercial vinyl door

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