Automotive Industry

High Performance Doors Engineered for the Automotive Industry

Maintain air quality, lower energy costs, and improve traffic flow by switching to PerforMax Global’s high-performance commercial doors. Unlike standard rolling steel or sectional doors, which are made up of multiple panels, our curtain doors minimize air infiltration and offer sustained durability. The high-speed capability of our vinyl curtain doors – such as the MaxClean™ – further reduces the amount of dust and debris entering different sections of a building, making it ideal for busy environments in the auto industry. With its opening rate of up to 96” per second, the MaxClean™ increases productivity in high-traffic areas.


High speed high cycle door suitable for rugged environments and high traffic areas.


Our springless design for dock position openings.


This door comes standard with a slanted stainless steel hood and motor cover, light curtain, and a soft bottom edge for pedestrian safety.

Efficient and Durable Doors

For loading docks, the innovative and impactable MaxDock™ goes above and beyond. Made with heavy-duty rubber, the MaxDock™ offers incredible durability, security, and longevity. A tight seal eliminates potential air and light infiltration, reducing energy costs in your workplace. For a rubber door with extra fast operation, the MaxSpeed™ is your choice, featuring a high-speed open and close, breakaway wind-lock system rated for speeds over 160mph, and industrial strength performance. To learn more about how PerforMax Global commercial doors can lower maintenance costs and downtime, browse our case studies. Sectional steel and aluminum doors cannot offer the same speed, durability, or safety that comes with PerforMax Global roll-up doors. Built with resilient materials and fewer moving parts, our impactable, springless doors lower the cost of commercial door repair and maintenance for auto manufacturing sites, tire production facilities, and more. The superior design of the heavy-duty curtain ensures durability and reliability, so you can remain confident your investment will last for years to come.

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Industrial Door Solutions

Decrease the potential for injury in your automotive production facility with PerforMax Global interior and exterior doors. The soft bottom edge of our high-speed vinyl and rubber doors is engineered to keep your team and machinery safe in the event of any accidental collisions. Contact us to see how PerforMax Global high-performance industrial doors can aid your business in the automotive industry, or request a quote today!

Our Doors in Action

High Performance Doors

Grey MaxPro™ doors on the inside of an automotive assembly plant, helping to provide a safe and efficient loading area for employees.

A large automotive facility using MaxDock™  impactable doors at their shipping and receiving docks to ensure an impact does not cause downtime.

Row of MaxDock™ doors in black at an automotive production plant, chosen as a replacement for rolling steel doors due to their springless operation.

Our MaxSeal™ high speed vinyl door can be used in interior and exterior applications, and is perfect for paint booths or other high traffic areas that need to be sealed off from the rest of a facility.

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