Complete Product List – Rubber & Vinyl Doors

PerforMax Global’s high speed rubber doors have a groundbreaking springless design with only 5 moving parts intended for your industry. Our high performance rubber doors accommodate location, weather conditions, and facility usage. See below to learn more about the door that is right for your industry.


If the fast-paced and high-volume nature of your business necessitates a high-speed, yet durable rubber door, the MaxSpeed™ from PerforMax Global™ may be the perfect fit. Utilizing a direct-drive motor, spring-free design, and highly durable curtain, the MaxSpeed™ can withstand the wear and tear of excessive traffic while operating swiftly and smoothly.

PerforMax™ MaxPro™ commercial rubber door


With its durable curtain that is engineered to withstand accidental impact and years of wear-and-tear, the PerforMax Global ™ MaxPro™ rubber door is the perfect replacement for any standard rolling steel door and other various applications requiring impactability. The MaxPro™ is designed to maximize efficiency by allowing the curtain to be released from the guides and easily reset. The MaxPro is the  economical choice for any application that desires a strong, yet safe door.

PerforMax™ MaxDock™ commercial rubber door


At PerforMax Global™, we offer a loading dock door that is low maintenance to increase productivity for various industries. . The MaxDock™ rubber door with an impactable design proves to be a truly economical and dependable choice for loading docks.

PerforMax™ MaxSeal™ commercial vinyl door


Combining fast opening speeds and a full-width vision panel, the MaxSeal™ door is perfect for increasing productivity, maximizing safety, and reducing energy loss. Ideal for both interior and exterior applications where efficiency is prioritized, the MaxSeal™ is sure to help your warehouse, manufacturing facility, or distribution center achieve new heights.


Our MaxClean™ door is ideal for interior applications where speed is essential while still maintaining durability. Whether in a manufacturing facility, food processing plant, distribution center, or warehouse, the MaxClean™ will help your facility maintain productivity with minimal downtime.

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PerforMax Global brings new innovative technology to commercial and industrial door applications to provide businesses with increased productivity, reduced energy consumption, and improved safety. With our global reach, we provide the best products and customer support anywhere in the world!

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