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Whether for interior or exterior use, the PerforMax Global™ rubber doors provide solutions for any commercial facility or warehouse. Lower maintenance costs and increase productivity in your business by switching from steel to rubber; the faster, safer solution. Browse through our available resources to learn more about how you can increase productivity, lower downtime, and improve workplace safety.

Cut Costs in Your Facility

Rubber Doors VS Steel Doors

  • Rubber doors operate an average of 4-8 times faster
  • Steel doors are easily damaged, increasing costs over time
  • Rubber doors are energy efficient and form a tighter seal
  • Springless direct motor drives make rubber doors safer
  • Rubber doors are protected against environmental elements

PerforMax Global Gains Exponential Growth Potential

PerforMax Global Gains Exponential Growth Potential

May 6, 2019

Following an announcement on March 19, 2019, PerforMax Global now falls under the umbrella of C.H.I Overhead Doors. C.H.I. excels in high quality residential and commercial overhead doors, while PerforMax Global delivers the highest standard doors for commercial and industrial use. With a focus on quality products, C.H.I. sought nothing but the best quality high-performance […]

How FedEx Saved $50,000 With PerforMax

How FedEx Saved $50,000 With PerforMax

April 3, 2019

“These are the indestructible doors at PerforMax” How nice would it be to save $50,000 annually starting this year? Sound a bit impossible? A FedEx facility in Michigan did just that recently by partnering up with PerforMax Global. They saved $50,000 annually in maintenance and repairs on their steel industrial garage doors by switching to […]

How Can an Impactable Door Improve My Facility?

How Can an Impactable Door Improve My Facility?

November 15, 2018

A forklift crashing into your overhead door makes your normal workday feel as if it is about to come to a screeching halt. This would be true with most warehouse doors, but not with a rubber door. With the resilience of rubber combined with the breakaway system PerforMax Global uses, you will

Best Reasons To Buy Rubber Doors: #2 – Impactable

Best Reasons To Buy Rubber Doors: #2 – Impactable

May 14, 2018

One of the most frustrating things for businesses is having to repair or replace expensive things due to damage caused by employees. Specifically, dock doors, warehouse doors, and other commercial doors are frequently damaged by employees hitting them with forklifts or other machinery.

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PerforMax Global brings new innovative technology to commercial and industrial door applications to provide businesses with increased productivity, reduced energy consumption, and improved safety. With our global reach, we provide the best products and customer support anywhere in the world!

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