High Performance Rubber Doors

Your Economical Solution for Damaged Doors!

For those looking for a high performance economically priced rubber door, the PerforMax MaxPro™ is your solution. The MaxPro uses RhinoMax Rubber which is manufactured to the highest quality and durability.  The MaxPro includes safety features such as springless engineering and a breakaway design for impactability.  The curtain releases from the guides and is easily re-set virtually eliminating downtime resulting in increased productivity.

Benefits of MaxPro™

  • Impactable design reduces maintenance and repair costs and decreases downtime
  • SAFE springless operation eliminates safety concerns associated with springs
  • Corrosion resistant galvanized side frames adds to product longevity
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on RhinoMax™ rubber curtain

Features of MaxPro™

  • Flexible curtain releases from guides upon accidental impact with breakaway system
  • Springless engineering with only five moving parts provides reliability and longevity
  • Galvanized steel components, powdered coated bottom bar, and head plates
  • 1 million cycle rating on drive system

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PerforMax Global brings new innovative technology to commercial and industrial door applications to provide businesses with increased productivity, reduced energy consumption, and improved safety. With our global reach, we provide the best products and customer support anywhere in the world!

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