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The Last Dock Door You Will Ever Buy!

A revolutionary change to the loading dock! The MaxDock™ is truly a low maintenance, economical, impactable loading dock door. With no plungers, rollers, cables, or exposed torsion springs it is virtually maintenance free. Galvanized guides and a heavy duty rubber curtain give you the durability, security, and ease of use for your loading docks. The MaxDock™ is designed to work as either manual or motorized operation. Easy to install and maintain it eliminates service calls and lost productivity common with conventional dock doors. Its low headroom design makes it an easy fit in areas where space is minimal and access is difficult. A perfect replacement to rolling steel and sectional doors, the MaxDock™ is built to withstand impacts and abuse in any warehouse, distribution or logistics facility.

Benefits of MaxDock™

  • Impactable design reduces maintenance and repair costs and decreases downtime
  • SAFE springless operation eliminates injury and/or death associated with torsion springs
  • Tight sealing properties eliminates air and light infiltration which reduces energy costs
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on RhinoMax™ rubber curtain

Features of MaxDock

  • Galvanized steel guides and powder coated breakaway bottom bar in safety yellow
  • Simple springless engineering with no hinges, cables or pulleys
  • Flexible curtain releases from guides upon accidental impact with breakaway system
  • RhinoMax™ rubber curtain withstands high wind loads
  • Low head room clearance
  • Direct drive operator with optional manual hand chain operation
  • 1 million cycle rating on drive system

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