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The Best Upgrade for Commercial Overhead Doors

The Best Upgrade for Commercial Overhead Doors

May 20, 2019

The Economical Solution for Damaged Doors Is the saying true that if something sounds too good to be true, we’re supposed to ignore it? One of the few exceptions to that rule is the MaxDock from PerforMax Global. The MaxDock is an impact door, designed to make operating your commercial overhead door simple and safe […]

PerforMax Global Gains Exponential Growth Potential

PerforMax Global Gains Exponential Growth Potential

May 6, 2019

Following an announcement on March 19, 2019, PerforMax Global now falls under the umbrella of C.H.I Overhead Doors. C.H.I. excels in high quality residential and commercial overhead doors, while PerforMax Global delivers the highest standard doors for commercial and industrial use. With a focus on quality products, C.H.I. sought nothing but the best quality high-performance […]

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PerforMax Global brings new innovative technology to commercial and industrial door applications to provide businesses with increased productivity, reduced energy consumption, and improved safety. With our global reach, we provide the best products and customer support anywhere in the world!

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