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When it comes to high-performance doors for commercial and industrial applications, PerforMax Global™ is an industry leader with products like the MaxDock™, MaxSpeed™, MaxPro™, and more. We manufacture a wide variety of vinyl and rubber roll-up doors to meet the demands of an even wider range of businesses.

Offering a tight seal and opening speeds of up to 96” per second, fast-acting interior roll-up doors like the PerforMax™ MaxZip™ can reduce energy loss and air infiltration through openings within food processing plants, distribution centers, and automotive manufacturing facilities. On the other end of the spectrum, consider a tough exterior door like the PerforMax™ MaxDock™ for heavy industry, mining and energy applications, and other high-stakes outdoor operations.

Enhanced Durability & Safety

A common downside of sectional doors and rolling steel doors in commercial and industrial environments is that they’re easily damaged requiring frequent maintenance. The fully impactable, breakaway design of PerforMax doors allows for accidental collision with heavy machinery, releasing the durable RhinoMax Rubber Curtain from the guides – there’s no downtime and no costly repair bill!

With plenty of safety concerns to watch out for in commercial and industrial applications, your overhead door doesn’t have to be one of them; that’s why our curtain doors feature a soft bottom edge for pedestrian safety and peace of mind.

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PerforMax™ MaxSpeed™ high-speed rubber door


Count on the PerforMax™ MaxSpeed™ roll-up rubber door to provide continuous, high-speed operation for years to come. A direct-drive motor, spring-free design, and highly durable, heavy-duty rubber curtain all contribute to making this door a best-in-class option for fast-paced, high-volume businesses across a wide range of industries.


When you need to safely cover extremely large openings, look no further than the PerforMax™ MaxSeal™ vinyl curtain door. Able to withstand winds up to 200mph across openings as large as 200’ x 150’, and in temperatures ranging from -40°F to +160°F, this high-performance door is custom-built to excel in extreme conditions.
PerforMax™ MaxPro™ commercial rubber door


Designed to fit the same overhead space as a traditional rolling steel door, the PerforMax™ MaxPro™ rubber curtain is a durable, safe, and economical choice for securing your facility. Engineered for efficiency, and featuring corrosion-resistant, galvanized side frames for prolonged longevity, this roll-up door is sure to exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Us?


When you choose our fully impactable system to protect the entrances of your facility, collisions from heavy machinery won’t leave a dent in your doors or your productivity.

Longer Lifetime

Featuring a drive system rated for one million cycles and a simple, springless design for reliable operation in any industry, our rubber and vinyl roll-up doors are built to last.

Decreased Downtime

Thanks to an innovative breakaway system, our flexible curtain doors automatically release from their guides upon accidental impact and are easily reattached to minimize downtime.

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PerforMax Global brings new innovative technology to commercial and industrial door applications to provide businesses with increased productivity, reduced energy consumption, and improved safety. With our global reach, we provide the best products and customer support anywhere in the world!

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