High Performance Cold Storage Door

The Most Advanced Cold Storage Door on the Market

The PerforMax™ MaxFreeze takes an entirely new look at what makes a cold storage door efficient. It’s dual curtain design uses air as a thermal break to minimize condensation and frost, and give the user complete control over the door’s performance. Its high speed operation minimizes the amount of time the door is open and makes it the new standard for refrigeration applications.

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Impactable Design

MaxFreeze features an impactable design that minimizes damage due to accidental collision.

Double Curtain Design

Unique two-curtain system that uses an innovative design for a high degree of thermal insulation.

High Speed Operation

Up to 70” per second opening speeds to reduce the amount of time the door is open and the amount of air that escapes.

The Next Generation of Cold Storage Door Technology

Our commitment to innovation is on full display with the MaxFreeze. Developed by thinking outside the box from a traditional cold storage door, we are able to offer the next step in freezer and refrigeration applications. MaxFreeze eliminates condensation and frost, and allows for complete control of your door, making it incredibly efficient, energy saving, and durable. Contact us to learn more or request a quote today!

Benefits of MaxFreeze™

High Speed Solution for freezer door applications

  • High Speed Impactable dual-curtain door with soft bottom edge
  • Offers a high degree of thermal insulation and avoids heat dispersion
  • Fast operating speed reduces cold air loss
  • Direct drive, springless motor requires minimal maintenance and safe operation

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