Rubber vs. Steel: Selecting Superior Commercial Doors for Your Facility

Rubber doors are quickly growing in popularity for use in commercial facilities in their loading docks, large entrances, garages, and other garage-type openings. However, many facilities decision-makers still aren’t aware of all of the benefits of rubber as opposed to its counterpart steel.

Rubber doors are energy efficient

Right off the bat, the number one reason people decide to stick with a steel door or an aluminum door in today’s day and age is because metal doors are usually less of an upfront investment than comparable rubber doors. However, the amount of money that can be saved by purchasing a rubber door is frequently overlooked. Steel sectional doors constructed by a number of panels that are linked together by metal hinges. These roll up doors leave gaps between the panels, and even the smallest gaps allow air to escape and increase heating and cooling costs. Over time those panels wear down and spread apart, making it less efficient as time goes on. PerforMax Global™’s rubber doors are constructed with a single rubber curtain, making it superior to sectional doors made of steel or aluminum.

Rubber roll up doors are also usually faster than their steel counterparts. For example, PerforMax Global™’s MaxSpeed™ rubber door can open at up to 48 inches per second, making it about four to eight times faster than most steel roll up doors. In cold weather, this greatly reduces the amount of time the door is open and allowing warm air to escape. This, in turn, saves a significant amount of a facility’s heating costs. As far as energy efficiency goes, the best exterior doors are rubber.

Commercial door comparison - steel roll up door vs rubber roll up door

Steel doors are easily damaged

Energy savings aren’t the only way that rubber doors cut costs. One of the biggest reasons people move on from steel doors and switch to rubber is because of how easily steel doors can be damaged, and how expensive they can be to repair. If someone were to bump or crash into a steel door with a forklift, car, or other vehicle, the door could be bent or seriously damaged. The door would then need to be repaired, and commercial door repair costs can add up quickly. That door would also be unusable, and a security risk while it is damaged. Impact damage is not an issue for rubber doors – they are flexible and can withstand impact. If a MaxSpeed™ or other PerforMax Global™ door is hit hard enough, it will break away from its guides as the vehicle drives through, retract, and then reset itself. The door then closes again without any damage, and business can continue as usual.

Over time, the elements can also take a toll on steel doors, wearing down their finish and causing them to rust. Joints can weaken, and the doors can begin to quite literally fall apart. Being outside in the elements causes doors to function improperly and require maintenance. With a rubber curtain, there are almost none of the issues that are faced with steel doors. PerforMax Global RhinoMax rubber doors specifically come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty protecting the door’s rubber curtain for the life of the door.

Rubber Doors are the Safest Roll Up Doors

PerforMax Global™’s rubber doors’ motors are not only beneficial because of their speed and energy efficiency. Their direct drive, springless operation is superior to the motors that steel doors use for a variety of safety reasons. Many steel doors use motors with a spring that only lasts around 10,000 cycles. When that spring breaks, there is risk of injury. Direct drive motors used by the MaxSpeed™, MaxDock™, MaxPro™, and other PerforMax Global™ doors do not use any springs. Even if there is a fault after their lifetime of over one million cycles, the inertia brake will prevent the door from free falling at any time. The risk of injury from a broken spring or free falling door is eliminated by the springless operation of the direct drive motor. Without question, the safest commercial doors are PerforMax Global™’s rubber doors.

Rubber doors are the best commercial roll up doors

The best roll up doors are rubber, now and in the future. They are more efficient than steel doors, they are rarely damaged, direct drive motors eliminate a variety of safety issues and PerforMax Global™ rubber curtains have a (limited) lifetime warranty. With all of this information it’s a no brainer!

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