High Performance Cold Storage Door

Insulated Curtain Withstands Cold Temperatures

The PerforMax™ MaxCool is a high-speed, impactable door that doesn’t mess around. It’s insulated curtain is durable and impactable – and it’s direct drive motor has it opening at up to 40” per second. That same motor also needs less maintenance than those used by other cold storage doors, and it makes operation much safer.

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Insulated Curtain

MaxCool uses a curtain that features internal polyurethane insulation.


A direct drive motor and soft bottom edge reduce safety concerns associated with other cold storage doors.

High Speed Operation

Up to 40” per second opening speeds to reduce the amount of time the door is open and the amount of air that escapes.

An Insulated Cold Storage Door with Everything

MaxCool checks all the boxes for a door of its type. Is has top notch insulation, speed, safety features, and superior sealing qualities. It will provide prevention of frost or condensation over your traditional vinyl door, and it will save you money on energy costs in it’s first month. Contact us to learn more or request a quote today!

Benefits of MaxCool™

The All-Around Cold Storage Door

  • Fast operating speeds reduce cold air loss
  • Insulated curtain prevents moisture buildup from condensation
  • Superior sealing capability reduces energy costs
  • Offers a high degree of thermal insulation and avoids heat dispersion
  • Direct Drive springless motor requires minimal maintenance and provides safer operation

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