High Performance Vinyl Doors

Your High Speed Solution for Interior Openings!

The MaxZip high speed vinyl door is ideal for interior which includes manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, distribution centers, and warehouses. This high performance vinyl door offers an opening speed up to 60” per second to minimize air loss resulting in increased productivity. The MaxZip is designed to withstand incidental impact allowing it to unzip from the aluminum guides and automatically resets reducing downtime. This door comes standard with an aluminum hood, photo eye, and a soft bottom edge for pedestrian safety.

Benefits of MaxZip™

  • Includes aluminum roll and motor cover prevents dust and debris
  • Automatically resets upon impact
  • Large vision panels increases safety
  • Fast operating speeds reduces air infiltration which reduces energy costs
  • EXCLUSIVE Quick Ship Guaranty

Features of MaxZip™

  • Solid structure with aluminum powder coated guides
  • Soft bottom edge for pedestrian safety
  • Perfect barrier against air flow, dust and noise

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